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Fishing Stories and Information
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For General Information About Kentucky Lake
 and Lake Barkley
Click Here

Fishing Rod
Steve McCadams teamed up with some old pals for some striper fishing and story telling on the tailwaters of Barkley Dam...continued

Spring Crappie season on Kentucky Lake is right around the corner. Here are some crappie photos to get you fired up!
 Crappie Pics Page 1

Crappie Pics Page 2

Crappie Pics Page 3

The most often asked question among the ranks of crappie anglers; when will the crappie spawn? For some great...crappie spawning information


Kentucky Lake Resorts in Tennessee offer Lake Front Cabins and Condos. Make Your Kentucky Lake Vacation Plans....Kentucky Lake Resorts

Kentucky Lake Marinas in the Paris Landing
area...more info

Kentucky Lake Fishing Guides catching fish no matter how cold it is. Here's one of the winter...Kentucky Lake Crappie Pictures

Bobbers disappear in the blink of an eye, courtesy of feisty bluegill and shellcracker. For some Kentucky Lake...bluegill and shellcracker info

Many verteran crappie anglers believe it could be. That's what's being said about the catch by Union City's Mike Taylor. He landed a 3 lb. 14.5 oz. crappie in the Big Sandy's more

Topping the list of fishing stories is the big one that didnít get away. Now this is a...big fish story


How about a few Kentucky Lake crappie fishing pictures to get you fired up for spring. Check out these...crappie action photos


Fall is one of my favorite seasons on Kentucky Lake yet fishing here is overlooked and underrated by most anglers. Don't miss out on some of...the year's best fishing



Tennessee residents born after January 1, 1989 are now required to pass a monitored TWRA boating safety exam. For specific requirements and available testing on

This big fish tale comes courtesy of Fred Vinn of Springville. Vinn, who retired and moved from Michigan to the Country Junction area a couple of years ago...continued

We did an article last May on Kentucky Lake bass fishing. Thought it might have a few tips for fishing this May. Here's more on trip with David Seaton

Here on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley  we are lucky to have some of the most detailed fishing maps available anywhere. Thanks to...Kentucky Hydrografx

Soon winter weather will be here and youíll wonder why you didnít take advantage of the nice weather and good fishing. For some...Kentucky Lake fall fishing info

Each fall Kentucky Lake slowly eases down in elevation, exposing mud flats, sandbars, rock points, and roadbeds. The appearance is dramatically different...continued

Crappie fishing was hit and miss in early spring. Of course that doesn't stop some folks from still catching some nice crappie. Check out these...crappie pictures

February isn't known as a good month for bass fishing, but don't tell that to Bill Hehn who landed a 9 pounder...for the story

Tom Morris of Springville was telling quite a fish tale last week. The difference in his story and most other ones was that he had the fish to back it up. All 85 pounds of it!...continued

 Paris angler Jerry Holmes likes catfishing and in particular likes catching big catfish. Learn more about his methods and check out the monster Kentucky Lake this article

Spring is the time of year ponds frequently experience algae problems. For more  information from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources here

Most people forget about fishing once winter sets in. Not the folks at Crappie Action. They're still bringing in...some big ole crappie

Guide Steve McCadams chased a few Kentucky Lake Crappie with country music stars Hank Williams Jr. and Travis Tritt. For a story on their trip and a couple of here

 The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife has begun an interesting study on the population of black crappie in Kentucky's more

February is one of the prime months for sauger fishing in Tennessee and Kentucky Lake provides some of the top fishing in the state...for sauger fishing info

This spring we had the opportunity to fish with guide Ken Riddick of Crappie Action Guide Service. He's been chasing crappie every chance he's had this year, and he's pretty good at's more
Also, check out some more nice catches...from Crappie Action

Steve McCadams had the opportunity to share his boat with two of Country Music's biggest stars in Travis Tritt and Paris native Hank Williams Jr. For more on their fishing here
Also make sure and check out the rest of from their visit.

Two of the most frequently asked questions new boat owners have for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is, "Do I have to register my boat?" and "how do I do it?"'s your answer

Have you been looking for a place to fish without the need for a boat? Well, look no further than the new brochure available from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency...continued

Fishing Legend Billy Westmoreland passed away recently. Here are a few kind remembrance of this true sportsman.

Striper Fishing in the tailrace waters of Pickwick Dam provides great angling in the month of August. Here's an article...from Steve McCadams' striper fishing experiences last year.

Thereís good news for those liking to fish on the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge. A new boat launching ramp has just been opened on the impoundments at the Tie Yard area in Benton's more

Every year they return about this time. There's strength in numbers and they have an army of more than a million. It's mayfly time on Kentucky Lake and earlier this week the shorelines were covered...continued

Here's a couple of nice Crappie...caught in the Paris Landing area by Patrick Hahs with a little help from his Kentucky Hydrografx software.

Looking for a great place to store your boat? Chris Pitts Self Storage provides the Paris Landing area with top quality storage facilities for boats, rvs, household items and much more...for more information.

While many people had their boats in storage, David Seaton of Fishtale Lodge was catching bass all winter. Here's  a couple of photos...of his winter catches on Kentucky Lake.

Crappie is King on Kentucky Lake  Here are some pictures of this year's Crappie catches...from Crappie Action Guide Service.

Fishing is normally considered a warm weather activity but the months of January and February are the best time of the year for sauger fishing in Tennessee...continued

Mayflys are an important food source for Tennessee fish. Here's an article on how to take advantage of the hatch for some great fishing.

Many people get their boats out for the first time all year on the Memorial weekend and that's often a recipe for some interesting and humorous times at the boat's a lighthearted story from Steve McCadams about this subject.

The heat of mid summer takes it's toll on Largemouth. This time of year it's critical to handle catch and release fish with care. For more info about how to increase their chances of this

Bluegill and Shellcracker can provide some of the hottest action of the year and June is the time to give them a try as Steve McCadams tells us in this story.

Boat registration renewals may now be done over the counter with the new Remote Easy Access License (REAL)'s the rest

Spring time can pose algae problems for ponds and it has been getting worse over the last few years. To find out how to combat this problem...Click Here

Memorial Day is one of the biggest boating days of the year. Here's an article to remind you that drinking while driving a boat is serious business.

It's March and with the crappie season just starting, I thought I'd give you some basic information about the area's most sought after it is!

The Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) had  filed bankruptcy. Now the company's troubles have been settled. Here's part two of an article on the trials and tribulations of one of the fishing industries' largest companies. Or first read Part One

It's Sauger fishing time in are a few tips to help you enjoy the most success possible- courtesy of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

To make it easier for marine manufacturers to let boat owners 
know about mandated defect recalls
and to increase the 
number of boat owners who are notified about them...more 

Mystery Fish...that's all that could be said about a recent Kentucky Lake catch. What was this thing and where did it come from...more

Fall fishing patterns... are a welcome change after the dog days of summer. To understand them better and improve your odds off catching  fish at this time of this

Fall may be the best time of all... to enjoy the Paris Landing area. This article on the splendor of autumn will make you wish you were out there right now.


Take a kid fishing