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The Latest Technology:

Kentucky Hydrografx has now released the new Sidescan Edition of the Big Sandy North area of Kentucky Lake. With these maps it is now possible to view and locate individual pieces of structure.
These high resolution readings come from 10's of thousands of waypoints collected
from all over Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley

Just look at the difference between the old map and the new Kentucky Hydrografx map
(These are the exact same areas)

low res map
Old Version
high res map
Kentucky Hydrografx Version


Why Do You Need a Kentucky Hydrografx Map?

  Lake maps are one of the best tools a fisherman can have to increase his chances for success.  New technologies are making it possible to greatly increase the accuracy and reveal many subtle depth changes that were previously undetectable. Until now, even the best maps on the market could only show 5 foot depth changes. Lots of time on the water and advanced terrain modeling software
has produced maps that will now show contour intervals of 1 foot or less, making the many drop offs out in the lake much more visible and greatly increasing the chances to find these prime spots, even for a novice fisherman.

  The wide open areas of Big Sandy and the main river are ideal spots to use these maps. Drop-offs abound in this part of the lake and many are difficult if not impossible to find without a good map.

  GPS mapping software will allow you to print out exact copies of the underwater terrain that you are targeting on any specific day. If you want to really get all of it's benefits, you can then add a gps for finding new spots and even a palm-sized computer to view the entire area in real time while you are fishing. 3-D images are provided to give you the most intricate view of the creek channels and ledges.

3-D Imaging Included
For the most realistic Views Possible

  Hundreds of spot elevations are also included on all section maps for easy reference. If you know the current lake elevation, then water depth can be easily calculated.

Prices range from $15.00-$35.00 per CD
(depending on the area)

kentucky lake maps cd



big sandy river maps

The map above shows the areas available on the Big Sandy River CD

big sandy close up

Topographic images on CD each contain a latitude and longitude grid and coordinates for easy calibration with GPS mapping software.



Other Maps of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley Include:
Big Sandy River
East Side Bays North and South
Tennessee Trio (Leatherwood, Standing Rock, Hurricane Creek)
Jonathan Creek
Blood River
Little River
Eddy Creek
....and more

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