The Latest Crappie Action Pictures
From 2002
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Clyde and Trish Rainey
From Paris, KY
Caught April 25th, 2002

Jim Oneal of Fort Worth, TX
and Bob Oneal of Admore, OK
with a nice bunch of Crappie
May 16th, 2002

Jack Wesson of Dyersburg, TN
with a nice Kentucky Lake Slab
March 23rd, 2002


Pete Polizzi and Kenny Hastie
of St. Louis, MO
Crappie and Catfish
June 24th, 2002

Bill and Gary Hagen
Crappie and Catfish
Caught April 19th, 2002

Pete Polizzi and Kenny Hastie
with Shellcrackers and Bluegill
caught May 7th, 2002

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