The Latest Crappie Action Pictures
From 2003
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Guide Ken Riddick
with a 3.5 lb. Monster Crappie
caught 18' deep in Leatherwood Area
on Red
Big Head Jig  w/ chart/orange skirt

Art Anzalone of Ohio
with two nice slabs
Largest weighed 2.54 lbs.
Caught on Big Head Jigs

Pat Ryan of Millstadt IL.
With a  whole mess of fish
Caught in Big Sandy fishing 10-15' deep
on Big Head Jigs


John and Son Steve Clinkscale of Ashland, OH Caught 15'-18' deep on Red Big Head Jigs w/orange and chartreuse skirts
Big fish weighed 44oz!

Mike Pestrosius and Dan O'brien
from Illinois, March 30th, 2003
Crappie and a couple of nice Bass
Caught in Leatherwood Bay on 12-15' drops
and casting shallow

John Moore and Preston Caldwell
from Milan, TN
Nice mess of Crappie
Caught 15' deep in Leatherwood Area

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