The Latest Crappie Action Pictures
From 2009
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big head crappie jigs

April 2009
Dave and Diane from TN fish were caught in the Big Sand area of Kentucky Lake

April 2009
Teresa with a nice Kentucky Lake crappie going in the live well

April 2009
Mike and Marge from WI with a good Kentucky Lake catch on Big Head Jigs


April 2009
We weighed and measured Diane's 1st crappie. She was 15in. long and just hit the  2 pound
mark. Thanks again not only for your time on the water but also for teaching us better techniques we can employ other places to improve the quality of our catch.

April 2009
Tom and Teresa from IN with some Kentucky Lake "SLABS"

April 2009
Todd and Rob from IL and Jack from TN
had a good day on Kentucky Lake

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big head crappie jigs

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