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From 2007
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June / 07
George Gordon and Hubert Comer from Nashville Tn. with summer time SLABS! Fish were caught in the Paris Landing area of Kentucky Lake.

Nov / 07
Andrew Blair from Tn and Clay Mckeithan from NC. Fish were caught in the Tn portion of Kentucky Lake Big Sandy area.

April / 07
Nathan Spencer with a Kentucky Lake crappie he caught on a red Big Head Jig.

Dec / 07
Tim and Mike Farmer of Dickson Tn with a good winter catch. Fish were caught on red Big Head Jigs.

Nov / 07
Dan Nash , son Greg Nash and David Williams from Nashville with a good fall catch.

Nov / 07
Chris and June Streitenberger from Ohio. The fish were caught on Char Big Head Jigs  with orange / char skirt.

Oct / 07
Garry Anderson and Jim Kraiss from IL. Fish were caught on Char Big Head Jigs.


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