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From 2007
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kentucky lake crappie photo
March / 07
Don and son Mike Sutton from Milan Tn. Fish were caught on white Big Head Jigs

May / 07
Harold Barnes from Indiana with a good crappie caught on a minnow.

April / 07
Mark Mckinney, Richard Daniels, and Joe Mckinney from Kentucky. Fish were caught on red Big Head Jigs.

crappie in net on boat
April 07
Sam Mcgee from Murfreesboro Tn. and Jack Mcgee from Franklin Tn. Fish were caught in the Big Sandy portion of Kentucky Lake on red Big Head Jigs

April / 07
Mark Mckinney from Louisville with a nice Kentucky Lake crappie.

November 2007
Andrew Blair with a nice Fall Slab



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